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He will guide you with His eye

Help Restoring the Church of Jesus Christ 

Knowing the will of God for a specific situation or the future is possible for those who know God personally


A passion to empower and activate you to accurately hear and know the voice of God for yourself and others, so that you could have an intimate two way relationship with Jesus Christ, able to show others that God also loves them and wants to speak to them!

God has raised us up to activate and create a save environment in which people can learn without being afraid to make a mistake. Prophecy is actually one of the most intimate gifts of the Spirit, which God has given to His church, wanting to reveal secrets and mysteries to His greatly loved people also preparing them for the future. The gift of prophecy is greatly misunderstood and neglected, even in the church of Jesus Christ today and we hope to help restore this awesome free gift in the Church of Jesus Christ. As a prophetic voice we were also called to help prepare and even warn the bride of Christ to get herself ready for the coming of Jesus Christ, helping to restore great mysteries, by the Spirit of God, which were given to the church of Jesus Christ and are locked up in Christ.

Prophecy is a cutting edge gift, which God has given to timely prepare, guide and equip the body of Christ, out of which God wants to raise up prophets who can help

raise up the church of Jesus Christ into the full stature of the complete and mature man in Christ Jesus! Prophecy is not only predicting future events pertaining especially to God's kingdom, but also telling forth the divine counsels of God, helping to restore and guide Jesus’ church into all Truth of the Word of God. Prophecy was not meant for only a selected few, but for all those who believe in Jesus Christ and have the Spirit of Christ in them. It was the apostle Paul’s greatest desire for those who believe in Jesus Christ, that they will be granted: “…a spirit of wisdom and revelation - of insight into mysteries and secrets - in the deep and intimate knowledge of Him, by having the eyes of their hearts flooded with light, so that they can know and understand the hope to which He has called them…” The apostle Paul urged those who believe in Jesus to earnestly desire and cultivate the spiritual endowments or gifts especially that they may prophesy. We also have as our passion a desire to see the free gifts of the Spirit developed and cultivated in the lives of every believer and in the Church of Jesus Christ.


Being called, raised up and released by God also as prophets, after having being part of a prophetic ministry for 1 year and afterwards conducted our own prophetic school, ministering to hundreds of people, God has released us to help get ready the eyes, ears and mouths of the body of Christ.

Many have asked the question today? Does God still speaks to His people like He did in times past through the apostles and prophets? In the Old Testament God has always spoken in a more intimate way with His friends. In the New Testament, God promised that He will put His Spirit in our hearts and minds, so that we will know Him personally. The apostle John revealed that knowing Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. Through the prophet Joel God promised that in the last days – in the New Testament, He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and “…your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.”


Life Changing Topics:



The New Testament is full of Hebrew parables, which Jesus told. The rich depth of many of these parables are lost due to lack of understanding the Hebrew culture. The prophetic significance of the ‘cup of the covenant’ which Jesus drank from is a beautiful picture of the Jewish wedding and the awesome desire God has for an intimate loving relationship with His people as His bride.




God desired to have a personal and intimate relationship with His people. God wanted to put His very own heart and mind in them, so that they would all know Him. In the Old Testament only the prophets heard the Voice of God, but God’s intention was to put His Spirit in all man so they would all hear His Voice – dream dreams and see visions and even know the future.



The Threshing Sledge was used to separate the chaff from the wheat. Today we make use of great harvesters to harvest the crop. God has a great harvest which is white, but needs to be harvested, threshed and prepared to be sent back to cut off the great harvest. Through a prophetic Word to the prophet God revealed the process He had chosen.




In order to grow spiritually God has given us many tools. Great power can be generated by stirring up a dynamo, in order to release it do work for us. The Christian must learn the awesome potential that God has put in him and how to stir up this great power in order to fulfill what Jesus promised: You will do what I have done and even great things than these.




Only God can unlock the future, for God alone knows the future. But God wants to reveal His mysteries to His friends, His sons and daughters, so that they could show forth His glory. The Lord God, the Holy Spirit, wants to reveal the future to mankind in order to warn and prepare then in advance. His does this for His friends and those who love Him and faithfully give heed to His Words.




Many wonder how does God speak to us today and whether He still does speaks to His people like He did to the prophets in the past?  In the past God spoke to the holy men and prophets in many and various ways. He often used the avenue of speaking through dreams and visions? In order to effectively apply dreams and visions we must be able to recognize and correctly interpret our dreams.

Prophetic Testimonies:

God still miraclulously speaks to people today: Come and vistit our Testimony Page

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