The New Threshing Sledge

Help Restoring the Church of Jesus Christ

Restoration to the original is always the best. Radical return to the way the Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated and gave it to His disciples.


A discipling church prophetically called to be a cutting edge ministry, with a high standard of teaching, restoring the original gospel of Jesus Christ, like a great harvester, effectively using the combined mechanisms for cutting and separation to bring in a great harvest. The Ancient threshing sledge, having sharp teeth was used to separate the chaff from the wheat and can be compared to a modern-day harvester, able to effectively separate and the chaff from the wheat, producing food for hundreds and millions of people worldwide.

Its sharp teeth, being the simple, yet practical, life-changing studies of the Word of God, practiced and made part of believing men and women’s lives, having the same effectivity and capability, as that with which Jesus Christ taught and lived, thus making the same resurrection power available to everyone who truly are willing to believe the Words of Jesus Christ, living and ordering their lives according to His instructions.

With teaching and apprenticeship going hand in hand, we are motivated and urged to preach the same message of Jesus Christ, bringing together a group of believing men and women, who, with the same mission and vision of Jesus Christ, obey and teach the Words of God, just as they were handed down to us by the Lord Jesus Christ, through His apostles and prophets, without adding or subtracting from the written Word of God.

Making Disciples who makes disciples


By simple obedience to Jesus Christ, doing what He came to show us to do, we will reach the same degree of effectivity and reproduce abillity, as He did. Investing inwardly in the individual, through personal discipling, teaching you through practical apprenticehip to do what Jesus had said you should do, reaching the same results.

Reproducing outwardly - causing an unstoppable chain reaction, which was begun by Jesus Christ and will only be completed once He returns for His beloved bride.

Equipping and bringing to Spiritual maturity


Raising up and the equipping of the fivefold ministry - the apostle, prophet, evangilist, pastor and teacher so that they would fully equip the body of Jesus Christ, to walk in its full statue of spiritual maturity - demonstrating the love, authority and power, through the righteousness of God, which Jesus Christ had given them, signs, wonders and miracles naturally following every true believer.


Being effective witnesses to the world for Jesus Christ in love and power.

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